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How to contact The Myelin Group members

Mailing Address (for all current members)

Institute of Biomedicine

Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology
P.O. Box 5000 (Aapistie 7A)
FIN-90014 University of Oulu

Visiting Address

Room A237, 2nd floor
Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology
Institute of BiomedicineFaculty of Medicine
University of Oulu
Aapistie 7

Telefax:         +358-(0)8-537 5172

Internal mail (for use within the University of Oulu only): 5 ANASOL

Telephone numbers & E-mail Addresses (replace (at) with @ and delete spaces):


Team Member



Anthony Heape, Docent, Ph.D. (Project Leader)

+358-(0)8-537 5197

Anthony.Heape (at) oulu.fi

aheape (at) cc.oulu.fi

Outi Lahti, M.Sc.

+358-(0)8-537 5203

olahti (at) mail.student.oulu.fi

Satu Päiväläinen, M.Sc.

+358-(0)8-537 5203

sspaival (at) cc.oulu.fi

Henrika Honkanen, M.Sc.

+358-(0)8-537 5203

hhonkan (at) cc.oulu.fi

Salla Kangas, M.Sc.

+358-(0)8-537 5203

Sallakan (at) mail.student.oulu.fi

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