Technology Transfer Between Research Institutes and Industry

June 7 - 8, 1996, Oulu and Rovaniemi, Finland


Symposium Abstracts

Richard Lucic, Director of External Affairs, Duke University, North Carolina, USA: "Cooperative research and technology transfer"

Erkki Soini, professor, University of Turku: "From basic research to a product"

Siegfried Bocionek, Dr, Siemens AG, Erlangen, Germany: "Innovation management in the medical engineering industry"

Raimo Sepponen, professor, Helsinki University of Technology: "Problems in R&D in medical engineering"

Pirjo Koivukangas, docent, National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health: "The Finnish model of welfare cluster and its application in Oulu region"

Nozomu Hoshimiya, professor, Tohoku University, Japan: "Development of the portable FES system and flexible electrode for clinical use"

John Koivukangas, professor, University of Oulu: "The Oulu neuronavigation project -- and beyond"
(Full paper available here)

Full papers are printed in the Proceedings of the symposium: TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER BETWEEN RESEARCH INSTITUTES AND INDUSTRY, June 7 - 8, 1996, Oulu and Rovaniemi, Finland, edited by Eero Kouvalainen, Timo Jämsä and Kalevi Kiviniitty, published by the Biomedical Engineering Program, University of Oulu, 1996. ISBN 951-42-4409-5.

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