Welcome to my iHTML page

These are my main projects in iHTML:

Latter is a little obsolete, but it is in real life use here. First one is a real monster that keeps growing and growing but does never get mature...

There is a special editor for iHTML code: iEDIT. I use it when I need to debug, it has a strict iHTML validator! But because I want also support for HTML in same editor I use rather HTML-Kit.

iHTML plugin 0.92 (8.11.2001) for HTML-Kit is ready to use.
Now it has ICONS!!! (Still much to do...)
  Save ep_ihtml.zip in temp directory and run HTML-Kit's
  Tools - Install - Install Plugin... menu command. (then restart HTML-Kit).
or: download ep_iht_d.zip and modify the ep_ihtml.hdp file in it in your
  HTML-Kit Plugins Generator.
Both ways require latest versions on HTML-Kit (build 290) and HKScript.dll!! (With an older HKScript.dll you will get error message when Kit is trying to load the plugin - and it will not be loaded.)

iHTML keyword help for HTML-Kit is ready to use.
  Download ihtml_hl.zip and use HTML-Kit's "Tools | Install | Keyword help file" menu option to install new feature.
Then just write (or pick from ep_ihtml plugin) an iHTML tag   (for example <iDATE>), place cursor on it and press F1.
  HTML-Kit will open a browser window to a tag info page at www.ihtml.com for that tag. It says what that tag does and what directives (attributes) it can use.

Hint!!! (corrected 8.11.2001; check the underlined text)
When you start to use HTML-Kit to edit iHTML, open "Edit | Preferences", select "File Types" tab, select first "Default" and "All Web Documents" type and copy to clipboard the whole string of its "File Type Extensions". Then select "User", click "Add File Type", Give new filetype a name: "All Web Documents", to the "File Type Extensions" field paste the string from clipboard and to its end add all the extension you use with your iHTML files: "*.ihtml, *.inc, *iht" etc. This will make these types appear in open/save dialog boxes. (You may also want to add a new file type for just iHTML files...)
Then click "Colorized File Types" button and add these types ("ihtml;inc;iht") to HTML line and that will make HTML-Kit colorize the iHTML code (similar way as HTML tags).
(Note, that picture below is missing the added and underlined things!)


Please comment and tell about your modifications to me epikkara@ktk.oulu.fi
or to news://chamisplace.com/chami.public.htmlkit.plugins

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14.9.2001 10:40 Esa Pikkarainen