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Katya Mandoki :
TUT: 1 synonyms & homonyms;
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 15:41:06 -0600

To open the discussion, we may have three levels of proximity:  
a) = (very close proximity, almost synonimity) 
b) +/- ( relatively significant proximity) and 
c) NO= (no significant proximity).  

Without forcing ourselves to be too exact and precise, I believe 
+/- may be good enough. We won't be able to work with perfect

oh my god...

A: synonyms.

1. Signifier (Saussure, Barthes)
+/- symbol (Peirce, Ogden and Richards)
+/- plane of expression (Hjemslev)
=   sign vehicle (Morris)

2. signified (sauss, barth)
 +/- interpretant or ground? (Peirce)
 +/- plane of content (Hjemslev)
 =   designatum (Morris)
 +/- reference (O&R)

3. sign (sauss) twofold
+/- sign=representamen (Peirce) threefold
=   sign (Morris) fourfold (((Don:would you agree? )))

4. object (Peirce)
=   referent (O&R)
=   denotatum (Morris)

B:  unfriendly homonyms

1. symbol (Peirce) NOT= symbol (Saussure)
2. signifier (Derrida) NOT= signifier (Saussure) ?
3. interpretant (Peirce) NOT= interpretant (Morris) (Derrida uses the
saussurean signifier but I since I am not a deconstructionist I cannot
tell for sure if he means sign, rather than signifier).
4. arbitrariness (Saussure) NOT= arbitrariness (Benveniste)
(it means  convention)               (it means casuality)

Note that while for Saussure a sign encompasess Sr/sd, for
Morris it encompasses sign vehicle (Sauss Sr), designatum (sausss Sd),
interpretant AND interpreter (the latter lacking in Peirce and
 both latters lacking in Sauss). Influenced by Peirce's tryadic model of
object-symbol & interpretant, Morris adds interpreter.  I really don't
know what Morris means by "taking-account" and how interpretants are
distinguished from interpreters because both seem to me agents, which
Morris only adscribes to the latter. ( my own work with Saussure
has intently used the term signifier implying agency, betraying Saussure).
But I think the problem of agency will be better tackled separately in a
different thread.

EEK! The field IS thorny, muddy, swampy, full of mosquitos & snakes.
I got stuck and all bitten. Anyone willing to follow?

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