Control Engineering Series





Enso Ikonen

Kaddour Najim

Marcel Dekker Inc., New York, U.S.A., 2002

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This state-of-the-art reference/text presents the most recent techniques in advanced process modeling, identification, prediction, and parameter estimation for the implementation and analysis of industrial systems -- providing current applications for the identification of linear and nonlinear systems, the design of generalized predictive controllers (GPCs), and the control of multivariable systems.

Exploring fixed parameter and adaptive strategies as well as unconstrained and constrained identification and control of processes, Advanced Process Identification and Control discusses the design of power series, neural networks, and fuzzy systems... the Wiener and Hammerstein systems... the design of a multivariable GPC based on state-space representation... selection of the most efficient input-output pairing for the design of effective distributed controllers... decoupling at high and lowe frequencies... fluidized bed combustion, binary distillation columns, two-tank systems, pH neutralization, fermentors, and tubular chemical reactors... and more.


Excercises in Finnish, available by request from E.I.

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