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[ a blurred picture of me ] I am Professor of Plant Ecology at the Department of Biology, University of Oulu. I started here in January, 2001. I moved to Oulu from Lahti, where I worked as a Lecturer at the Department of Ecological and Environmental Sciences, Univeristy of Helsinki.

I was born in Tampere, in the heart of Finland, in 1954. I lived in many other places, and started my studies in Biology at the University of Helsinki in 1973. Leena Hämet-Ahti was the supervisor in my Masters degree, and Teuvo Ahti in my PhD. Leena Hämet-Ahti introduced me to the vegetation science, and Teuvo Ahti to lichens. For my PhD, I studied vegetation of communities dominated by reindeer lichens (Cladina). It seems that some people still think that I am a Finnish lichenologist. Since then I have studied mainly other things than lichens (like you see in my publications). I had my Master degree in 1979 in Helsinki, and PhD in 1984 in Joensuu.

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