New: R functions for vegetation ecologists: Featuring Decorana, [partial] [constrained] correspondence analysis and support functions for NMDS.

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DOS usage
DOS environment
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DECORANA & TWINSPAN: Debugged and more stable versions of classic goodies

Change of data input order caused instability mainly because of too lax convergence criteria. In addition, there was a bug in non-linear rescaling of Detrended Correspondence Analysis in DECORANA. We will provide here versions of these two classic PD programs with stricter convergence criteria and the rescaling bug corrected. Both of these programs are originally written by Dr. Mark Hill (in Fortran!), and we have made only these minor modifications. Both programs are compiled with Lahey Fortran to run under DOS. For optimal performance they need 4MB RAM. Both files contain executable, corresponding Fortran source, and the common readme.1st file.

N.B. If you want only Decorana, it is better to use my R package vegan from another page on this server.

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