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Subject:          [ORDNEWS] How to subscribe
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I have had several requests from subscribers who lost the subscription
instructions but would like to tell colleagues how to get on the list .

Below are the only certain ways of subscribing that I know of -- you can
save this message and forward to your associates who would like to
subscribe.  If you lose this message, the first method is available on
Mike's web page at: http://www.okstate.edu/artsci/botany/ordinate/,
under "Ordination Listserv."

Subscription Method 1:
Send an e-mail to:


Do *NOT* include a subject in the message and as the *ONLY* text, type:

subscribe  ordnews  your-name

*Replace "your-name" with your actual name.  You must do this or I will
not subscribe you.*

For example, Jane Doe would send the message:

subscribe  ordnews  Jane Doe

Be careful to spell the word subscribe correctly or it will not work.

Subscription Method 2:
A slightly more convenient way of subscribing is to go to
Find "Lists About Specific Techniques", find ORDNEWS, click on
"Subscribe", then fill out the form.

This is not an effort to advertise this company's products - the page is
a useful service.  At this site you will find other lists of a
quantitative/statistical nature to which you can subscribe.


Steve Bousquin

Colorado State University
Department of Rangeland Ecosystem Science/GDPE
Fort Collins, CO 80523


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