linestack {vegan}R Documentation

Plots One-dimensional Diagrams without Overwriting Labels


Function linestack plots vertical one-dimensional plots for numeric vectors. The plots are always labelled, but the labels are moved vertically to avoid overwriting.


linestack(x, labels, cex = 0.8, side = "right", hoff = 2, air = 1.1,
    at = 0, add = FALSE, axis = FALSE, ...)


x Numeric vector to be plotted.
labels Text labels used instead of default (names of x).
cex Size of the labels.
side Put labels to the "right" or "left" of the axis.
hoff Distance from the vertical axis to the label in units of the width of letter “m”.
air Multiplier to string height to leave empty space between labels.
at Position of plot in horizontal axis.
add Add to an existing plot.
axis Add axis to the plot.
... Other graphical parameters to labels.


The function returns invisibly the shifted positions of labels in user coordinates.


The function always draws labelled diagrams. If you want to have unlabelled diagrams, you can use, e.g., plot, stripchart or rug.


Jari Oksanen


## First DCA axis
ord <- decorana(dune)
linestack(scores(ord, choices=1, display="sp"))
linestack(scores(ord, choices=1, display="si"), side="left", add=TRUE)
title(main="DCA axis 1")

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