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Biological software

Software for Field Biologist Marco Bleekers very comprehensive linkpage (must!)

Phylogeny programs

Joe Felsensteinin

MacClade Wayne P. Maddison ja David R. Maddison Mac-program.
COMPARE Emilia Martenin  Phylogeny Program for Comparative Data
Phylogenetics Resources Software Page Links
Parsimony Analysis Software Willi Hennig Society links

Population Biology programs
Software for Population Analysis Links by Evan Gooch
Wildlife Society Bulletin Software Mark-recapture, telemetry, line-transect, optimization etc. programs.
Most of them are freeware.
Morphometrics at Suny Brook Software James Rohlfs programs useful for morphometric analysis
Genetic analysis
An Alphabetic List of  Genetic
 Analysis Software
Albahabetical list of Rockefeller University
Arlequin Arlequin is a population genetics software for the analysis of
conventional and molecular polymorphism either within or
between populations.
Quantitative Genetic Research Mainly an electronic supplement of the textbook
'Genetics and Analysis of Quantitative Traits'
by Mike Lynch & Bruce Walsh.
Also links to web pages on quantitative genetics.
GDA Software for the Analysis of Discrete Genetic Data
(by Paul O. Lewis & Dmitri Zaykin)
PLABQTL A program for composite interval mapping of QTL
(by H.F. Utz and A.E. Melchinger)
MQTL Software for simplified composite QTL interval mapping
(by Nick Tinker)
Molecular Biology Software Molecular Biology Software (BIMAS)

Primer design
PrimerDesign ver. 2.1

DOS-program for primer design

Primer3 Primer design via WWW
Oligonucleotid calculator

Classical and Population Genetics

 Electronical Scholary Publishing Classical genetic papers. Including Malthus, Darwin,
Mendel, Galton, Hardy, Bateson, Morgan, Sturtevant, Wright etc.
 Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man Catalog of human genes and genetic disorders

Virtual FlyLab

The Drosophila Virtual Library

Drosophila research

FlyBase Drosophila genetics and molecular biology.
FLYBRAIN Online Atlas and Database of the Drosophila nervous system
DRES Human cDNA clones homologous to Drosophila mutant genes
Movies of the Drosophila Embryo Visualization of the development of Drosophila embryos
with a Polycomb-GFP fusionprotein (QuicTime-movies)
European Drosophila Genome Project The objective of the project is to sequence the
X chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster
Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project
The Interactive Fly A cyberspace guide to Drosophila genes and their roles in development
A Drosophila Image Database Image library (over 1800 images) of  Drosophila
genetics and development
Journal of Quantitative Trait Loci

Electronic  QTL-publication sponsored by
the Crop Science Society of America (CSSA).

Molecular Genetics

Molecular Genetics Jump Station  

Lot of links

 Molecular Biology Protocols

Cell & Molecular Biology Online
Finnzymes Oy Products, orders, links...
EMBL Computing Services
Searching GenBank


Ecology HomePage  

Alphabetical list


 Esa Hohtola      

Ahti Karusalmi

Lot of links

Seppo Rytkönen

+ Evolutionary Biology Group

Marko Hyvärinen +Soil Ecology Group
Juha Tuomi

+Evolutionary Plant Ecology


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