Welcome to PopGen 1.0

1.  What is PopGen

PopGen is a simulation program designed to clarify various population genetic events. It is aimed mainly for teaching purposes.

It has been programmed by Jouni Aspi using Microsoft's Visual Basic. The code is based on previous GW-Basic and QuickBasic programs by Jaakko Lumme and Jouni Aspi.

2.  General description

With PopGen you can simulate some deterministic and stochastic population genetic processes in a simple one locus, two allele system. There are two alleles A1 and A2. Frequency of allele A1 is p and frequency of allele A2 is q. Genotypes of individuals and their frequencies are:

Genotype A1A1 A1 A2 A2A2
Frequency p2 2pq q2

With the models of PopGen you can study how these allele frequencies are affected by:

1. Genetic drift
2. Selection
3. Migration

You can also study sample sizes you need to detect significant deviations  from Hardy-Weinberg proportions, when:

1. The studied population is divided to two subpopulations
2. Allele frequencies are not similar in different sexes
3. The mating is not random, but there is some inbreeding in the population

3. Download

PopGen for Windows is now available for Windows 3.x and Windows'95. See PopGen download page.

4.  Reporting Bugs

Think you've found a bug? We want to hear about it!

Send bug reports to jouni.aspi@oulu.fi. Be sure to include:

5. Similar programs