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J-P. Kallunki

  • Professor of Financial Accounting, University of Oulu
  • Visiting Professor of Accounting, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Visiting Professor of Accounting, Aalto University School of Business

E-mail: juha-pekka.kallunki(at)oulu.fi

Address: University of Oulu, P.O. BOX 4600, 90014 University of Oulu

Research Interests

Corporate Governance, Insider trading, Auditing, Firm Valuation

Selected Publications

Kallunki, Mikkonen, Nilsson and Setterberg (2016), "Tax Noncompliance and Insider Trading", Journal of Corporate Finance 36, pp. 157-173.

Amir, Kallunki and Nilsson (2014), "The Association between Individual Audit Partners’ Risk Preferences and the Composition of their Client Portfolios", Review of Accounting Studies 19:1, pp. 102-133.

Kallunki and Pyykkö (2013), "Do Defaulting CEOs and Directors Increase the Likelihood of Financial Distress of the Firm?", Review of Accounting Studies 18, pp. 228-260.

Chenhall, Kallunki and Silvola (2011), "Exploring the relationships between strategy, innovation and management control systems: the roles of social networking, organic innovative culture and formal controls", Journal of Management Accounting Research 23, pp. 99-128

Kallunki, Nilsson and Zerni (2010), "Entrenchment problem, corporate governance and firm value", Contemporary Accounting Research 27:4, pp. 1-38

Kallunki, Nilsson and Hellström (2009), "Why do insiders trade? Evidence based on unique data on Swedish insiders", Journal of Accounting and Economics 48, pp 37-53.