Teaching at the University of Oulu

Corporate Governance (721128S), Fall 2015

Objective: After passing the course, students can distinguish the key elements of the governance system of the firm, they are able to recognize the warning signs of the potential collapse of the governance system, they can assess the features of different executive incentive system, and they are able to recognize situations of likely accounting fraud.

Contents: Exam and case exercises.

Level: An advanced course

Advanced Firm Valuation (721190S), Spring 2016

Objective: The course enhances students’ understanding of the issues involved in firm valuation. The course also introduces students with empirical evidence on the firm valuation.

Contents: The use of valuation models and financial statements
in equity valuation and managerial decision making. Empirical evidence on the use of valuation models as well as value relevance of different
types of financial information.

Level: An advanced course

Master's Thesis in Accounting


Teaching at the Aalto University School of Business

Financial Statement Analysis (22E00100), Fall 2015

Objective: After completing the course, students will have knowledge and skills needed in analyzing financial statements in various decision-making situations

Contents: Home Assignments, Course Work, exam and exercises.

Level: An advanced course