Tiina Keisanen



Tiina Keisanen

Research interests

My general field of research is multimodal social interaction in different types of everyday situations. Methodologically the research is situated within conversation analysis and interactional linguistics. The recent research themes have included the design and use of some prevalent social actions (e.g. requests, offers) and the interactional organization of multiple simultaneous courses of action. These studies have examined how discourse participants deploy language, embodiment and their surrounding context in the construction of actions and turns-at-talk.

My research also includes themes relating to language learning and teaching. Some current topics within this area include multidisciplinary collaborative work and professional growth. In addition to conversation analysis, this work draws on mediated discourse analysis.

During 2015-2019 I am leading an Academy of Finland financed project HANS Human activity in natural settings, which studies the significance of nature for how people use language, interact with one another and accomplish social actions in situ.

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