Kari Kuutti

Professor emeritus (HCI & CSCW)

e-mail: kari.kuutti (at) oulu.fi

Phone: +358-44-055 0685

Mailing address: University of Oulu, INTERACT research unit, P.O Box 8000, 90014 UNIVERSITY OF OULU, Finland

Homepage in Finnish

I retired in the end of 2016 and continue as professor emeritus; do my own research and participate the activities of the research group, and I have a couple of PhD students to supervise, but I do no more teach classes or do administration. Picking the cherries on the top of athe professor work cake, so to say...

My research area is human interaction with information technology, taken rather broadly. The aim is to develop both theoretical and conceptual tools to understand the relationship and its dynamics, and also practical tools and methdos for designing both devices and services. With respect to theory my work is based on cultural-historical activity theory (CHAT), that I have applied to information technology topics since 1980s. The two most active topics at the moment are analysis of the practice-oriented HCI research that we started with Liam Bannon in 2014 (Kuutti & Bannon 2014), and the development of a perspective to critical design research, that we have recently started with Netta Iivari (Iivari & Kuutti 2017a, 2017b)




Recent publications, some of them downloadable


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