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Rajanen, M. (2003) Usability Cost-Benefit Models - Different Approaches to Usability Benefit Analysis. In proceedings of 26th Information Systems Research Seminar In Scandinavia (IRIS26), Haikko, Finland



There are few development organizations that have integrated usability activities as an integral part of their product development projects. One reason for this is that the benefits of better usability are not visible for the management. In this paper the author analyses the characteristics of some published usability cost-benefit models. These models have different approach for identifying, approaching and categorizing the benefits of. All of the analysed models approach the usability benefits through a cost benefit estimation of user centred design, but none of the models document every of the three steps of cost-benefit analysis method. The author argues that none of the analysed models document the usability cost-benefit analysis method fully. The author also argues that none of the models identify the business type of development organization and developed product as a variable to be taken into account when analysing the benefits of better usability.


Usability benefits, cost-benefit models

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