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NMR Research Group


Seminars 2005

The weekly seminar of the NMR group, held at Fridays in the spectroscopy coffee room, FY216, at 14.00, is open for everyone interested. Coffee, bakings and the latest research of the group!


14.1. Pekka Tallavaara
Study of mesoporous materials with SF6-gas using 19-Fluorine NMR spectroscopy

21.1. Matti Hanni
Calculation of the magnetic properties of xenon: Ongoing (and future) projects

28.1. Sampo Mattila
Signal position in multi-dimensional NMR, part 1

4.2. Nanna Alho
Signal position in multi-dimensional NMR, part 2

11.2. Perttu Lantto
Relativistic perturbational contributions to NMR shielding tensor

18.2. Jani Saunavaara
A short introduction to nanotubes

25.2. Tom Pruiksma

4.3. Hannu Luukinen
Signal position in multi-dimensional NMR, part 3

11.3. Juho Hokkanen
DNP in solution-state

8.4. Jukka Jokisaari
Polarization transfer in NMR

Basics of some polarization transfer experiments, such as SPT, SPI, INEPT, NOE and SPINOE, will be discussed.

15.4. Juhani Lounila
Application of geometric algebra to NMR, part 2

Geometric algebra, pioneered by W. K. Clifford in 1878, integrates different algebraic systems such as vector, tensor, matrix and complex algebra in a coherent mathematical language, which retains the advantages of each of these subalgebras, but also possesses powerful new capabilities. In the seminar talk, the basics of geometric algebra and its application to NMR are discussed.

22.4. Teemu Pennanen

29.4. Ville Telkki
Effects of diffusion in xenon porometry

13.5. Anu Kantola

20.5. Henri Tervonen
NMR studies of SF6 gas dissolved in liquid crystals

10.10 Pekka Manninen
Computational studies on parity-violating weak interactions in NMR spectral parameters

In this talk I discuss the role of parity-violating electroweak interactions in the molecular scale. I summarize the theoretical background, and discuss the search for parity-violating phenomena in molecules and their properties. The speculations on the electroweak interactions as the origin of biomolecular homochirality are also reviewed. I present an analytical response-theoretical formulation of parity-violating contributions in two observables of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and some related computational ab initio and density-functional theoretical studies.

14.10 Jukka Jokisaari
About some recent applications of 129Xe NMR and MRI

21.10 Juho Hokkanen
Lääkeaineiden jakaantumiskertoimen määritystä lokalisoitujen 1H-NMR-mittausten avulla

28.10 Sampo Mattila
Coupling constant extraction from various 2 and 3D NMR experiments

4.11 Nanna Alho
TIM-entsyymin ja eräiden ligandien STD -mittaukset

11.11 Juhani Lounila
Investigation of biaxial nematic liquid crystals

18.11 Jani Saunavaara
What is going on with hyperpolarization of noble gases

2.12 Pekka Tallavaara
Behavior of a Thermotropic Nematic Liquid Crystal Confined to Controlled Pore Glasses as Studied by 129Xe NMR Spectroscopy

16.12 Teemu Pennanen
NMR Parameters vs. Hydrogen Bond Number in Liquid Water



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