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Seminars 2006

The weekly seminar of the NMR group, held at Fridays in the spectroscopy coffee room, FY216, at 14.00, is open for everyone interested. Coffee, bakings and the latest research of the group!


27.1. Henri Tervonen
19F NMR self-diffusion and shielding of SF6 gas in thermotropic nematogens

9.2. Alexander Pines NB Thu at 2 p.m. in Anttilansali
Novel developments of NMR and MRI with microtesla fields and microfluidic samples

24.2. Jani Saunavaara
Xenon NMR in the Earth's Magnetic Field

3.3. Jukka Jokisaari

31.3. Joonas Autio
Vesi- ja lipidipitoisuuksien määritys Dixon-menetelmillä

21.4. Nanna Alho
Assignment procedure of a fraction of ALP

28.4. Pekka Tallavaara
An easy way to prepare pressurized glass inserts for MAS rotors

A novel technique to prepare pressurized glass insert samples for MAS rotors is described. In the technique, a small drop of epoxy is added to the tip of a piston and the gas is squeezed into the insert by pressing the piston. The amount of gas, i.e. pressure, in the sample can be controlled by the overall length of an insert test tube. As examples, 129Xe NMR spectra taken from samples containing xenon gas, xenon gas and liquid crystal, and xenon gas, liquid crystal and porous solid, are shown. In principle, the method is feasible for making any kind of samples into glass inserts.

5.5. Matti Hanni
Computational Studies Related to Xenon NMR

12.5. Sampo Mattila

18.5. Teemu Pennanen
NMR Parameters vs. Hydrogen Bond Number in Liquid Water: final results

The differences in the molecular properties in the gaseous and condensed (liquid or solid) phases are referred to as environmental effects. In the talk I will outline how NMR parameters of water molecule are changed when going from gaseous to liquid state. The changes in parameters are monitored as the environment resembles more and more of that of a liquid by taking the appropriate structures from water simulations. The final results of the work are displayed.

29.9. Sampo Mattila
Quantitative NMR by PULCON

Gerhard Wider and Lars Dreier recently published a method called PULCON that correlates the absolute intensities of two spectra measured in different solution conditions (Measuring Protein Concentrations by NMR Spectroscopy J. AM. CHEM. SOC. 2006, 128, 2571-2576). The principles of the method will be explained and the results on implementing PULCON to our drx500 will be shown.

6.10. Jani Saunavaara
Diffusion measurements using hyperpolarized xenon gas

Some results from the recent studies of porous materials applying hyperpolarized xenon gas.

13.10. Nanna Alho
The assignment process of ALP

20.10. Jouni Karjalainen
Gay-Berne model liquid crystals confined in cylindrical cavities, a Monte Carlo simulation

27.10. Jukka Jokisaari
Recent progress in xenon biosensor

The seminar talk will summon up the principle of the xenon biosensor and introduce its recent progress.

3.11 Perttu Lantto
Effects of relativity and correlation in NMR nuclear quadrupole coupling and chemical shift

Recent advances in treating of electron correlation at relativistic level of theory in calculation of NMR parameters and they implications are discussed.

10.11 Susanna Ahola

17.11 Henri Tervonen
19F NMR spectroscopy of SF6 dissolved in thermotropic liquid crystals

I will present my master's theses in the talk. 19F NMR spectroscopy of SF6 dissolved in thermotropic liquid crystals were used to investigate the properties of four thermotropic liquid crystals. 19F nuclear shielding, secondary isotope effects of sulfur on 19F shielding and the self-diffusion coefficient in the direction of the external magnetic field were studied. Furthermore, a critical mixture of two thermotropic liquid crystals, with opposite signs of the diamagnetic susceptibility anisotropy, were studied as well.

24.11 Päivi Kekkonen
The study of thermotropic liquid crystals by 129Xe NMR spectroscopy

1.12 Juho Hokkanen
Some aspects of NMR-analysis of natural products

8.12 Matti Hanni
Computation of NMR Properties of Bulk Xenon Gas

15.12 Pekka Tallavaara
About EXSY experiments



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