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NMR Research Group


Seminars 2012

The weekly seminar of the NMR group, held at Fridays in the spectroscopy coffee room, Tä 219, at 14.00, is open for everyone interested. Coffee, bakings and the latest research of the group! Welcome!


3.2. Jianfeng Zhu
17O Quadrupole Central Transition (QCT) NMR of Biological Macromolecules in Aqueous Solution

10.2. Ville-Veikko Telkki
Moisture in wood: NMR relaxometry studies

17.2. Jiri Mares
Curie relaxation in Ni2+(aq.)

2.3. Juho Roukala
Magnetic resonance properties of the endohedral metallofullerene Sc3C2@C80 at finite temperatures

16.3. Marcin Selent
Gas phase NMR for the research on apohosts materials

23.3. Juha Vaara
(1) Medium effects on the nuclear spin optical rotation of water"; (2) Spin-spin coupling of the van der Waals molecule 129Xe-131Xe

20.4. Anne Selent
Adsorption measurements

4.5. Jouni Karjalainen
Local ordering and structure of a uniaxial liquid crystal in a cylindrical cavity

11.5. Jukka Jokisaari
Scalar relaxation of the second kind

18.5. Juhani Lounila
NMR of Xe-131 in liquid crystals

25.5. Päivi Kekkonen
Coming soon! - Remote Detection NMR of Thermally Modified Wood

1.6. Perttu Lantto
Thermal averaging of relativistic NMR shielding

14.9. General discussion

21.9. Visitors from the Chemistry of Interfaces, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

Oleg N. Antzutkin
Exploring Hydrogen Bonding in Alzheimer's Amyloid Fibrils Using 15N{17O}REAPDOR Solid-State NMR

Andrei Filippov
A Study on Some Ionic Liquids by NMR-Diffusometry

Vasantha Gowda
Novel Green Processing Techniques for Rare Earth Metals: Prospects of Ionic Liquids

28.9. Juha Vaara
Recent applications of NMR computing

5.10. Li-juan Fu
Nuclear Spin-Induced Cotton-Mouton Effect in Molecules

12.10. Ville-Veikko Telkki
Imaging chemical reactions in microfluidic devices

19.10. Jianfeng Zhu
NMR Studies of Xe Encapsulation in Fe4L6 Tetrahedral Cage

26.10. Juho Roukala
Computational Iron Cage NMR: Xe in Fe4L6

9.11. Anu Kantola
Diffusion NMR

16.11. Juhani Lounila
Convection in diffusion NMR

23.11. Jarkko Vähäkangas
EPR and PNMR in point defected graphenes

30.11. Jouni Karjalainen
Constant-pressure simulation of Gay-Berne liquid-crystalline phases in cylindrical nanocavities: Final results and conclusions

14.12. Susanna Ahola
From Insect MRI to Bloodless fMRI

21.12. Päivi Kekkonen
Wood & Water



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