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NMR Research Group


Seminars 2013

The weekly seminar of the NMR group, held at Fridays in the spectroscopy coffee room, Tä 219, at 14.00, is open for everyone interested. Coffee, bakings and the latest research of the group! Welcome!


18.1. Juha Vaara
Nuclear spin-spin coupling in a van der Waals-bonded system: Xenon dimer

25.1. Ville-Veikko Telkki
J coupling between van der Waals bonded 129Xe and 131Xe: an experimental perspective

1.2. General discussion

8.2. Juho Roukala
Magnetic properties and dynamics in a scandium endofullerene

15.2. Li-juan Fu
Nuclear Spin-Induced Cotton-Mouton Effect in Molecules: Final results

22.2. Jarkko Vähäkangas
Magneto-optic studies in graphenes

1.3. Nuha Abuzaid
Relativistic Computational Studies of the Magnetic-Field Induced Quadrupole Splitting of 131-Xenon Isotope

5.4. Risto Laitinen
Reversible dissociation of solid (Se6I2)[AsF6]2.2SO2 in SO2(l)

12.4. Gamzegül M. Behrouz
MnOx as a new MRI contrast agent

19.4. Jyrki Rantaharju
Spindynamics simulation of the unpaired electrons in Ni2+(aq.)

26.4. Maria Väisänen
Use of C13-NMR in the study of tundra soils under changing biotic and abiotic conditions

3.5. Susanna Ahola
Single-scan T1-T2 relaxation correlation experiment

10.5. Jouni Karjalainen
Latest improvements in the ptgbcyl simulation package and progress towards simulating larger liquid crystalline systems

17.5. Päivi Kekkonen
Bound water in thermally modified wood - Combined NMR cryoporometry and relaxometry study

24.5. Anu Kantola
Diffusion Experiments in Liquid Crystals

31.5. Muhammad Asadullah Javed
NMR Imaging study of Water Absorption in Pine Wood

7.6. Jianfeng Zhu
NMR Studies of Xe Encapsulation in Fe4L6 Tetrahedral Cage

20.9. Jarkko Vähäkangas
Nuclear Magneto-Optic Spectroscopy of Graphene Quantum Dots by First Principles

27.9. Ville Telkki
Tweezers for parahydrogen

4.10. Lijuan Fu
Nuclear Quadrupole Moment-Induced Cotton-Mouton Effect in Molecules and Noble Gas atoms

11.10. Juho Roukala
The little silver goes complex: NMR calculations on novel 195Pt dialkyl dithiophosphates

18.10. Jouni Karjalainen
A preview of Xe NMR shielding in confined Gay-Berne liquid crystalline phases

25.10. Susanna Ahola
MnOx contrast agent for the investigation of articular cartilage

1.11. Jukka Jokisaari
Liquid crystal dimers

8.11. Jiri Mares
How can computational NMR contribute to structure determination of proteins with paramagnetic center?

15.11. Peter Stepanek
Magnetic Circular Dichroism of Fullerenes - Experiment vs Calculation

22.11. Juha Vaara
Nuclear spin circular dichroism

29.11. Juhani Lounila
On nuclear spin hyperpolarization

13.12. Alex Odiyo
13C NMR- Analysis of Soil Organic Matter Quality

20.12. Fitsum B. Sarbessa
Solid State NMR Characterization of Homoleptic and Mixed Tetraphenylphosphonium Hexahalogenidotellurate(IV) Salts



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