The third Nordic mathematics competition for university students will be arranged in April 2009. The participants in this team-based competition should be Bachelor's or Master's level students in Nordic universities. Faculty in these universities are asked to encourage and support the participation of able students. There is no fee for participation, but teams are required to register, see contact persons. Details can be found in the competition rules.

Participating teams will solve a set of mathematical problems at their own institutions during one week's time and submit the solutions by e-mail. The level of the problems will be chosen so as to provide even the most able of students with sufficient challenge. For an appreciation of the kind of problems possible we recommend you to have a look at the problems from the International Mathematics Competition for University Students and previous year's competitions, which can be accessed below.


April 14Team registration closes
April 16Competition begins at 12 noon CET
April 20Competition ends at 6 p.m. CET
~ April 25Results announced

Updated: March 14th, 2009