Computational fluid dynamics, 2006-07

Meetings Wed 10:00 - 11:30, Room KO 102.
  Peter Hästö
17.1 Sections 17+18 + planning 21.3 9:15-12:00 in M242; Sections 28-32
7.2 Sections 19+20 4.4 TBA
15.2 Sections 25-28.9 18.4 TBA
7.3 No meeting! 2.5 End of course

During the acadmic year 06-07 I will organize a working group on computational fluid dynamics. The course is suitable for inclusion at least as a Master's level course for all mathematics-majors except statisticians.

Content:During the course we will get aquainted with differential equations describing fluid motion, the Navier-Stokes, Euler and Stokes equations. The equations will be studied both from a theoretiacal and a computational point of view. The purpose is to study the book
    Johan Hoffman & Claes Johnson: Computational Turbulent Incompressible Flow
which can be found at
Note that a new version is available on the web page as of October 20th.

Extent:The course will run for the whole year. The Fall part is worth 4 ECTS, the Spring part 6 ECTS.
There will be a joint meeting every second week. Between the joint meeting there are group meetings.

Completion requirements:Active participation in the joint and group meetings, writing a learning portfolio, an oral exam.
Työskentelyohjeet; Opintopäiväkirjasta sanottua, saa suhtautua tähän kriittisesti...

Prerequisites:Analysis III, (recommended) Differential equations I/II. Additionally, it is recommended to participate in at least on of the PDE couses held in the Fall 2006 (J. Kinnunen and V. Serov)