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Professor Pauli Siljander, Educational Sciences and Teacher Education, University of Oulu


Pauli Siljander
Professor of Educational Sciences

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Pauli Siljander has been a Professor of Educational Sciences at the University of Oulu since 1996. He received his MPhil in education, psychology and philosophy from the University of Helsinki, and his PhD in education from the University of Oulu, Finland. He has worked in different posts at the University of Oulu as Dean of the Faculty of Education, Head of the Department of Educational Sciences and Teacher Education, Head of the Department of Behavioural Sciences as well as Program leader of Master of Arts in Education, among other things. Before his current professorship he worked as a visiting scholar at the University of Heidelberg and the University of Göttingen.

Professor Siljander’s research work has focused on educational theory and philosophy, history of ideas in education, developmental trends and traditions of educational science, and conceptions of pedagogics as a discipline. Recently,
his research group has focused on connections between the classical theories of
‘Bildung’ and theories of growth based on American pragmatism.

Research Project

Research project: Educational theory and traditions – Integration of
educational theories on ‘Bildung’ and Growth

This research project aims at building a connection and bridge between the German
Bildung theoretical research tradition and the American thought of educational theory
based on pragmatism. The purpose in this research is a) to analyze the connections
of the concepts and theories of ‘Bildung’ and ‘Growth’ and b) to look for integration of
both the concepts for construction of an educational theory. The project is funded by
the Academy of Finland 2010-2010. (see wwwedu.oulu.fi/bildungandgrowth)

Professional Career

Since 1996 Full Professor in Educational Science at the University of Oulu, Finland
1996-1997 Visiting scholar at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany
1990-1996 Temporary Professor in Educational Sciences at University of Oulu, Finland
1988-1990 Associate professor of education, University of Oulu, Finland
1986-1987 Visiting scholar at the Karl-Ruprecht-Universität Heidelberg , Germany
1983-1988 Lecturer of education, University of Oulu, Finland

Administrative Positions

Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Oulu 2003-2010
Board member, University of Oulu 2003-2009
Chairman, Finnish Educational Research Association (FERA), 2006-2007
Director, Department of Educational Sciences and Teacher Education, University of Oulu 2000-2002
Director, Department of Behavioural Sciences, University of Oulu 1999-2000


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