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English language and interaction

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I am interested in the relationship between language and gesture, and how language and the body are used for doing social actions in interaction. The materials I use for research come from audio and video recordings of social interaction in everyday and institutional settings. Most of my research data is in English, but I have also studied and published on the Finnish language.

My research builds on the work and findings in conversation analysis, interactional linguistics, gesture studies and discourse-functional linguistics. I have studied interaction in everyday face-to-face situations, in television news interviews and in cars. I have studied for example how people adopt and negotiate positions and stances in interaction, how people use their bodies for doing things in interaction, how drivers and passengers navigate and use mobile phones in cars, and how people multitask in interaction.

I am professor of English philology (with a focus on English language and interaction) at the University of Oulu (English philology, Faculty of Humanities) in Finland. I am currently director of Eudaimonia Research Center of Human Sciences at Oulu. In 2009-2012 I worked as a research fellow in the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies at the University of Helsinki.

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