The Language-Gesture Connection


General information about to seminar and the invitation is available here. ]

In the following, you will find essential information about the workshop activities and how to prepare for them.


The seminar activities include plenaries, article workshops and data sessions.

1.The plenary talks will be given by our invited guests, Tommi Jantunen, Silva Ladewig and Jürgen Streeck. The abstracts are available here: LaGeCon-abstracts.pdf.

2.In the data sessions the participants present their video data, which are then discussed and analysed together. The aim of data sessions is to help presenters progress their research or to identify and discuss potential new findings. Therefore, it is not necessary to present final results or special research foci. 

3.Collaborative article workshops in which the participants discuss and work together on the basis of four pre-assigned articles on the seminar theme.

The final programme is available here: LaGeCon-programme.pdf. (updated 14 October 2015)

-Lunches during the seminar are self-sponsored (approx. 8-10 €).

-Coffee is sponsored by the seminar organisers.


In order to prepare for the seminar activities, there are pre-assignments you need to do before the seminar:

a)Introductions: On the first day, all participants will introduce themselves to the rest of the group. Everyone is expected to prepare a short introduction of themselves and their work (max. 2 minutes) by showing a short clip (20-30 seconds) or a picture of their data.

b)Data sessions: If you have expressed an interest to present your video data in the data sessions, please confirm this to Joonas Råman (joonas.raman [at] as soon as possible. If you haven’t but would still like to present your data in the seminar, send a message to Joonas. The data sessions are an excellent opportunity to receive constructive comments and get new ideas from the other seminar participants about your work. We encourage you to show your data in the data sessions. Bring your video data on a thumb drive, external hard drive or show the data on your own computer. The seminar room has a PC, a video projector and loudspeakers. If you have a Mac, please bring an adapter with you.

c)Article workshops: In the article workshops we will work together on the basis of four pre-readings. Read the following articles before the seminar. The articles have been sent to you in an email.

-Streeck: Embodiment in Human Communication

-Jantunen: How long is the sign?

-Ladewig: Creating multimodal utterances: The linear integration of gestures into speech

-Levinson & Holler: The origin of multi-modal communication

While reading the articles, consider and answer the following study questions.

1.What are the research questions? More specifically, how does the paper approach the connection between gesture and language?

2.From which field / point of view does the paper approach the language-gesture connection? What are the theoretical assumptions informing the analysis?

3.What are the most important concepts used in the article?

4.What are the main results?

5.Come up with one question that you would like to ask the author concerning this article.

We have also sent you a selection of extra readings that you may read before the seminar. They are not required.

-Streeck: Taking the world by hand

-Jantunen: Ellipsis in Finnish Sign Language

-Müller, Bressem, Ladewig: Towards a grammar of gestures

-Everett: “Sculpting language”


You are expected to make your own travel arrangements to and in Oulu.

Doctoral students who are members of Langnet Doctoral Programme are entitled to get reimbursement for the travel and accommodation expenses. See

Arriving to Oulu

If you plan to travel to Oulu by train or by bus, please consult the following webpages for information on routes, timetables and tickets:

VR (national rail service):

Matkahuolto (intercity bus service):

The Oulu railway station and the intercity bus station are located only a short walking distance from the city centre.

Map of Oulu:

If you are flying in, you can catch a taxi or bus from the airport to the city centre:

By taxi

You can catch a taxi straight from the airport without pre-booking, or you can book a taxi beforehand. For more information on booking and prices, see the local taxi service provider’s webpages:

By bus

Bus route numbers 8 and 9 run between the airport and the city centre. Route 8 continues from the centre to the university campus. Detailed schedules can be found in the following documents  (The route number is shown after the estimated departure time, e.g. “30/8” means 30 minutes past, route number 8.):

  1. Airport_Centre_timetable.pdf

  1. Centre_Airport_timetable.pdf

Arriving to the University of Oulu campus

The seminar will take place at University of Oulu’s Linnanmaa campus, which is located approximately 5 kilometres north of the city centre. The seminar will be held in the LeaForum lab at the Faculty of Humanities, in the north end of the campus area. Here’s a map of the campus:

  1. University_campus_map.pdf

Travelling to/from the campus by bus:

There are several bus routes running between Oulu city centre and the university campus (Linnanmaa). In the city centre, the best place to catch a bus to Linnanmaa campus is at “Toripakka P” bus stop, next to the Oulu City Hall (see the this map of the city centre: City_centre_map.pdf). Bus routes 1, 2, 3, and 8 take you to the university, running approx. every 5 minutes (a little less frequently in the weekends; also, route 8 only operates Mon-Fri).

There are two alighting points at the campus area:

- Yliopisto P: next to the 2T entrance

- Yliopistokatu P: across the road from the C5 entrance (This is the recommended option because it takes you closest to the Faculty of Humanities).

Here is a useful link to an online service where you can plan your travel route and check timetables:

Just type in the start and end locations in the From and To fields (e.g. address, or name of the bus stop).

NB! When you are travelling from the university to the city centre, go to the “Yliopistokatu E” bus stop in front of the C5 entrance.

Tickets can be purchased from the bus driver.


You are expected to reserve your accommodation. We have made a pre-reservation in the three hotels.

Hotel Radisson Blu

99 € / single room / night

114 € / double room / night

Make a reservation by sending an email to sales.oulu [at] by 14 October 2015. Use the reservation code “LaGeCon”.

Original Sokos Hotel Arina

96 € / single room / night

99 € / double room / night

Make a reservation by sending an email to sales.oulu [at] by 14 October 2015 (the date will be updated soon). Use the reservation code “LaGeCon”.


82 € / single room / night

Make a reservation by sending an email to oulu.sales [at] by 12 October 2015. Use the reservation code “LaGeCon”.

In addition to this, you may want to check the Omena hotel, which offers affordable room prices.

Make a reservation on the hotel’s website


The seminar dinner will take place on Friday evening at Restaurant Sokerijussi ( We have made a pre-reservation to the restaurant. The seminar dinner is self-financed (for the recommended menu and prices, check

Everyone is welcome to attend the dinner, but it is not required. You don’t need to confirm at this stage. We will ask whether you are coming on the first day of the seminar.

We wish you all warmly welcome to Oulu!

Organising committee,

Pentti Haddington

Marika Helisten

Antti Kamunen

Stefano Rezzonico

Joonas Råman

Pauliina Siitonen