Graphical Nethack for Freerunner

GTK2-Nethack with hildon porting. This is Maemos keyboardless gtk2-nethack.

ipk-package (Tested on OM2008.12)

Warning: This is not yet playable!

You need libhildon and libosso.

There are 'Game area' on rigth, 'status area' on left, 'toolbar' on bottom, 'text area and compass' on top of toolbar and 'menu' which is accessible only with pressing F4. (not very handy, indeed).
Toolbar has 16 buttons and if they dont fit, they are stacked.
Menu contains almost all other commands.
Changing tilesetting and asking about will cause crash. (if you got menu visible)
F6 toggles Fullscreen
F7/F8 zooms in/out 'Game area'

If you want desing layout, drop me a mail, and draw (maybe clipping with screenshots) some layouts.
-How small font we can use?
-How small status area we can use?
-Do we need any menu? And how it is accessed?
-How many buttons we want in toolbar?
-How about two rows in toolbar?
-Portrait or landscaped?

I have tested it portrait and landscaped (and one picture is about playing over ssh -X).

(There are picture of nethack in maemo )


original source
Maemo version source

Only way I got it compiled is straight on my Freerunner running Debian. (let me know if you know any other way)
apt-get install pkg-config
apt-get install libdbus-1-dev libhildon-1-dev 
apt-get install libosso-dev debhelper 
apt-get install fakeroot
apt-get install libncurses5-dev
apt-get install bison flex
Open nethack_maemo.tar.gz. Move nethack-343-src.tgz to nethack_maemo. Run ./

-Aapo Rantalainen