Dimitri Tuomela's homepage

Personal info

Dimitri Tuomela, M.Sc.
PhD student
Dept. of Math. Sciences
PL 3000
University of Oulu

Room: MA318.1
email: dimitri.tuomela@oulu.fi

Research group: Mathematics Education

Research interests

Broad scope: I am interested in social and sociomathematical norms as well as tools for facilitating collaborative learning and shared reasoning in mathematics.

Narrow scope: I am currently working with student generated tasks and more precisely the Reversed Equation Solving (RES) -approach. I am studying which task characteristics are connected to student engagement in Reversed Equation Solving in secondary school.



Presentations and writings

Who am I and what I consider important?

Me, my wife Saara Tuomela and our children (four daughters and a boy) live in Martinniemi and we love to roam in the nature. I am an idealist who is constantly thinking how to make the world a better place. I find it important that we strive to be good for the people around us, especially (but not only) to our families and the people close to us. I see mathematics as amazingly beutiful and fun dialogue of ideas. Finally, I love thinking how to make this world a better place with the aid of mathematics education. Therefore I like to wonder:
How can we create environments where cognitive, social and emotional skills important for life are learned through learning mathematics?

Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have. -Margaret Mead