Background Collection

If you click on the link below, you will enter my background directory. This is an automagically generated file which contains links to all of my background pictures. If you click on a name listed there (which is the filename of the picture), you will get a demonstration page for the corresponding background.

I plan to provide a downloadable template with all these coloured fonts, so that you can use it locally with you own backgrounds.

After entering a background demo page, there will first be only two horizontal lines. Centered between them will be a blue frame which contains the background image. If you click within this blue box, you can download the background picture file used to create the page you look at.

Most of these backgrounds I found on the WWW somewhere, some of them I created myself. Have fun.

  1. Text list of my backgrounds
  2. All my backgrounds on one page. LARGE!
  3. Plain Backgrounds colours, using just HTML, no pictures loaded. See which col looks good on what.