Juhani Nissilä

Doctoral Researcher, M.Sc.
Intelligent Machines and Systems (Mechatronics and Machine Diagnostics)
Faculty of Technology
University of Oulu

Research interests

Machine diagnostics:

- Fractional order of regularity of vibration signals
- Modelling and measurements of vibrations in epicyclic gearboxes
- Statistical pattern recognition of different faults states

Technical mathematics:

- Fourier and wavelet analysis
- Pointwise and uniform Hölder regularity estimation
- Numerical fractional calculus
- Cyclostationary random signals and envelope analysis

Real-time monitoring of steelmaking processes:

- Vibrations in vacuum tank degassing
- Vibrations and audio in basic oxygen steelmaking
- Mold oscillation in continuous casting


Peer reviewed scientific articles:

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J. Nissilä: Fourier decay of absolutely and Hölder continuous functions with finitely or infinitely many oscillations,
2nd version of the preprint available