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Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) Network Simulation Tool

Below you can download the source codes of the Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) network simulation tool, developed by me and used in the following papers:

•  K. Mikhaylov and T. Hänninen, "Mechanisms for Improving Throughput and Energy Efficiency of Bluetooth Low Energy for Multi Node Environment", Journal of High Speed Networks Journal of High Speed Networks, Vol. 21, Issue 3, 2015, pp. 165-180. ( © IOS Press )

•  K. Mikhaylov, "Accelerated Connection Establishment (ACE) Mechanism for Bluetooth Low Energy", in Proc. PIMRC'14, Sept. 2-5 2015, pp. 1264-1268 )

•  K. Mikhaylov, "Simulation of Network-Level Performance for Bluetooth Low Energy", in Proc. PIMRC'14, Sept. 2-5 2015, pp. 1259-1263 )

The tool is written in C++ and was developed to work in popular MiXiM framework of the OMNeT++ simulator and enables to simulate the lower communication layers of BLE protocol (primarily - PHY and LL). Please note that the tool has been developed and tested only with OMNeT++ version 4.4.1 and MiXiM version 2.3 . It may be not (and most like is not) operational or require some modifications to run with the other (newer) versions. The archive contains only files specific for the BLE-tool; the core files for OMNeT++ and MiXiM should be obtained and installed separately. The code is provided under GNU General Public License v2 and by downloading and using the provided tool you confirm that you have a) read, b) understood and c) agree with the conditions of this license in respect to the provided software .


Please note that to open the zip archive you will need the password . It is :"I accept the license terms" (without "", all spaces should be removed). Also I strongly recommend reading the short FAQ below.


1. "Is there any instruction describing how the tool should be installed or used? Is there any technical support?"

Sorry, no. I have a lot of other duties and have no time to handle this. If someone will make an instruction - please let me know. I would be more than happy to link it here.

2. "Are you going to make a new version/implement XXX functionality?"

Again, currently I am busy with the other projects (e.g., Modular WSAN platform or LPWAN) and am not planning to update the simulator in the nearest time.

3. "Why is the code so messy/bad/incomprehensible?"

Actually, my initial intent was just to quickly check few ideas regarding the network level performance of BLE. Then I got few other ideas which required extending and reworking the code. And so on. To put this short - I have never carefully planned the code in advance which (as this typically happens) resulted in quite poor quality of the code. So, I totally agree that the code has somewhat poor quality, but it worked good enough for my goals up to this point. But I gonna be more than happy if someone will make a code better than this.

4. "I have a super cool idea regarding BLE. Do you want to cooperate with me on it?"

Although most of the time I am busy with the other tasks, I still have some interest for BLE and also have quite some interesting ideas in my table. I am quite open for cooperation and if you wish, you can contact me via email. But please try to be concise and up to the point.

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