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Sodankylä real-time monitors:
[B (30 hrs)], [B (2 hrs)], [T (2 days)], [White], [KEO], [α]
Temp: Temperature Snow: Snow depth


University of Oulu, Finland

Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory (SGO), Sodankylä

Space Physics Group (SPG), Oulu

EISCAT Scientific Association (EISCAT, EISCAT_3D)





International Meetings:

XIII Observatory Days 2021, 11-15 January 2022, Sodankylä, Finland (on-line)

Current Collaboration and Research:

EISCAT_3D - Europe's Next Generation Radar for Atmospheric and Geospace Science.

KAIRA - Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array.

CHAMOS (Chemical Aeronomy of the Mesosphere and Ozone in the Stratosphere).

SIC (Sodankylä Ion and Neutral Chemistry) model of the middle atmosphere.

SLICE - Sodankylä-Leicester Ionospheric Coupling Experiment.

AARDDVARK (Antarctic-Arctic Radiation belt (Dynamic) Deposition - VLF Atmospheric Research Konsortia).

WWLLN ("woollen"; World-Wide Lightning Location Network).

Past Activities:

COST ES0803 Action "Developing Space Weather Products and Services in Europe."

CAWSES (Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System).

ISSI Project 133 (Towards more effective physics-based and statistical models of the polar ionosphere; EISCAT/IPY).

NEMI (Night-time Emissions from the Mesosphere and Ionosphere) experiment launched on the European HotPay II rocket 31st January 2007.

CAL (Coupling of Atmospheric Layers; Research Training Network)

SPECIAL (Space Processes and Electrical Changes Influencing Atmospheric Layers; Science Network of ESF)

COST-271 (Effects of the Upper Atmosphere on Terrestrial and Earth-Space Communications)

"He who looks long upon the aurora soon goes mad."