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Entry points for studying the Northern Lights

If you want to learn about the northern lights, what they are and how research related to them is done today, this page will give you some references and links, which help you to get started. In addition, you could try to use the computers of your local library to search for literature related to "space", "northern lights", "polar lights", "aurora", "aurora borealis", "aurora australis".

Note that we are unable to answer general questions such as "What is the aurora?", "How, why and where is it?", "How is the atmosphere structured?" etc. We simply get too many such questions and we do not have time to provide answers, which can be found in most libraries and on-line. Please refer to text books and internet sources as well as the scientific literature. However, if you have detailed, specific questions, you are welcome to ask us.

Watching the Northern Lights

Alert Services


The Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks has made an excellent aurora bibliography available on-line.

Inernet Resources

Scientific literature