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LPWAN-evolution project

The project is a strategic research action funded by the CWC-NS and ITEE, which was started in 2018 with the aims of (i) increasing our competence with respect to these key IoT technologies (ii) contributing to the further development of the LPWA technologies. Below are listed the key papers published within or with the support of this project.


Book Chapters:

• [Ch1*] R. Fujdiak,K. Mikhaylov, M. Stusek, P. Masek, I. Ahmed, L. Malina, P. Parambage, M. Voznak, A. Pouttu and P. Mlynek, “Security in Low Power Wide Area Networks: state-of-the-art and development towards the 5G,” in LPWAN Technologies for IoT and M2MApplications, B. S. Chaudhari and M. Zennaro (Eds.), Elsevier, in press.

Refereed International Journal papers:

• [J5] K. Mikhaylov, V. Petrov, R. Gupta, O. Galinina, S. Andreev, Y. Koucheryavy, M. Valkama, A. Pouttu and M. Dohler, "Energy Efficiency of Multi-Radio Massive Machine-Type Communication (MR-MMTC): Applications, Challenges, and Solutions", IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 57, Issue 6, pp. 100-106, April 2019. (© ).

• [J4] J. Janhunen,K. Mikhaylov,J. Petäjäjärvi and M. Sonkki, "Wireless Energy Transfer Powered Wireless Sensor Node for Green IoT: Design, Implementation and Evaluation", Sensors, Vol. 19, Issue 1, 2019, article 90.

• [J3] V. Petrov, K. Mikhaylov D. Moltchanov, S. Andreev, G. Fodor, J. Torsner, H. Yanikomeroglu, M. Juntti and Y. Koucheryavy, "When IoT Keeps People in the Loop: A Path Towards a New Global Utility", IEEE Wireless Communications, Vol. 52, Issue 1, 2019, pp. 114-121. (© ).

• [J2] H. Almasalma, S. Claeys, K. Mikhaylov, J. Haapola, A. Pouttu, and G. Deconinck, "Experimental Validation of Peer-to-Peer Distributed Voltage Control System", Energies, Vol. 11, Issue 5, 2018, article 1304.

• [J1] O. Galinina, K. Mikhaylov, K. Huang, S. Andreev and Y. Koucheryavy, "Wirelessly Powered Urban Crowd Sensing over Wearables: Trading Energy for Data", IEEE Wireless Communications, Vol. 25, Issue 2, 2018, pp. 140-149. (© )

International Conference Proceedings:

• [C15*]K. Mikhaylov , M. Lema, S. Andreev, R. Gupta, O. Galinina, G. Destino, T. Mahmoodi, M. Dohler, Y. Koucheryavy and M. Valkama, “Multi-Radio Perspectives for Massive MTC Localization: Energy Consumption and Utility,” accepted for presentation by ICUMT'2019.

• [C14*]K. Mikhaylov and A. Pouttu, “On Spatial Diversity for LoRaWAN: Experimental Evaluation of Performance of a Dual-Gateway Network With and Without Downlink,” accepted for presentation by ICUMT'2019.

• [C13*] A. Tiurlikova, N. Stepanov and K. Mikhaylov , “Improving the energy efficiency of a LoRaWAN by an UAV-based gateway,” accepted for presentation by ICUMT'2019.

• [C12] K. Mikhaylov , R. Fujdiak, A. Pouttu, M. Voznak, L. Malina and P. Mlynek, “Energy Attack in LoRaWAN: Experimental Validation,” in Proc. ARES’2019, article 74. (© )

• [C11] J. Markkula, K. Mikhaylov and J. Haapola, “Simulating LoRaWAN: on Importance of Inter Spreading Factor Interference and Collision Effect,” in Proc. ICC'2019, May 20-24, pp. 1-7. (© )

• [C10] P. Masek, K. Stusek, K. Zeman, J. Hosek, K. Mikhaylov S. Andreev, Y. Koucheryavy, O. Zeman, J. Votapek and M. Roubicek, “Tailoring NB-IoT for Mass Market Applications: A Mobile Operator's Perspective”, in Proc. Globecom’2018 workshops, 9-13 Dec. 2018, pp. 1-7.(© )

• [C9] R. Yasmin, M. Salminen, E. Gilman, J. Petäjäjärvi, K. Mikhaylov M. Pakanen, A. Niemelä, J. Riekki, S. Pirttikangas and A. Pouttu, “Combining IoT Deployment and Data Visualization: experiences within campus maintenance use-case”, in Proc. NoF'2018, Nov. 19-21, pp. 101-105. (© )

• [C8] K. Mikhaylov , A. Moiz, A. Pouttu, J. M. M. Rapun and S.A. Gascon, “LoRaWAN LPWAN for Wind Turbine Monitoring: Prototype and Practical Deployment Experiences”, in Proc. ICUMT’2018, Nov. 5-9, pp. 1-6. (© )

• [C7] A. Tiurlikova, N. Stepanov and K. Mikhaylov , “Method of assigning spreading factor to improve the scalability of the LoRaWAN wide area network”, in Proc. ICUMT’2018, Nov. 5-9, pp. 1-4. (© )

• [C6] H. Karvonen, K. Mikhaylov, D. Acharya and M. Rahman, "Performance Evaluation of Bluetooth Low Energy Technology under Interference", presented at BodyNets'2018.

• [C5] R. Yasmin, J. Petäjäjärvi, K. Mikhaylov and A. Pouttu, "Large and Dense LoRaWAN Deployment to Monitor Real Estate Conditions and Utilization Rate", in Proc. PIMRC'2018, Sept. 9-12, pp. 1-6. (© )

• [C4]K. Mikhaylov , J. Petäjäjärvi and A. Pouttu, "Effect of Downlink Traffic on Performance of LoRaWAN LPWA Networks: Empirical Study", in Proc. PIMRC'2018 , Sept. 9-12, pp. 1-6. (© )

• [C3] R. Fujdiak, P. Petr, K. Mikhaylov, L. Malina, P. Mlynek, J. Misurec and V. Blazek, "On Track of Sigfox Confidentiality with End-to-End Encryption", in Proc. ARES’2018, article 19. (© )

• [C2] J. Petäjäjärvi, J. Kaleva, K. Mikhaylov, H. Pulkkinen, J. Ahola and M. Björkgren, "Automatic Charging of an Energy Harvesting Powered Sensor Node from Controllable Energy Source", in Proc. IWCMC'2018, June 25-29, pp. 600-605. (© )

• [C1] K. Mikhaylov, M. Stusek, P. Masek, V. Petrov, J. Petäjäjärvi, S. Andreev, J. Pokorny, J. Hosek, A. Pouttu and Y. Koucheryavy, "On Multi-RAT LPWAN for Smart City: Trial Implementation of Joint LoRaWAN and NB-IoT Device", in Proc. ICC'2018, May 20-24, pp. 1-6. (© )


• [O1] University of Oulu invention report №OU19035, 2019

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