Konstantin Mikhaylov
Dr.Tech (Wireless Systems)
Post-doctoral Research Fellow,
Centre for Wireless Communications
University of Oulu

Street address:
Oulu, Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 3
Post Index:
FIN 90014
+358 442 452 292
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Welcome To The Personal Webpage of Konstantin Mikhaylov

While serfing the WEB, by some miracle, You have arrived at my personal web-page. Here You can find some information about me personally and my work. In the case if You work in the field of Energy Efficient Wireless, Wireless Sensor Networks or Embedded Systems and have arrived here in order to get some new ideas - I would suggest You checking my publications. Otherwise, if the words "Wireless Sensor Networks" and "Embedded Systems" mean nothing to You, I can suggest You to check some nice photos from different sites I have been to. I will not promise to keep the page all the time up-to-date, but I will do my best to remember updating it every now and then.

Short Bio:

Konstantin is natively from Russian Federation, where he had received B.Tech (2006) and M.Tech (2008) degrees in Electric Engineering with the focus in Wireless Systems from St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University (from former Faculty of Radiphysical Science and Engineering, which is today a part of Institute of Physics, Nanotechnology and Telecommunications), St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. In 2008-2013 he was working in RF Media Laboratory in Ylivieska as the researcher for the wireless and embedded systems. Since 2014 he is with the Centre for Wireless Communications of the University of Oulu, where he sucesfully defended his PhD. (Dr. Tech.) in 2018. His main research interests and focus include embedded systems, short and long range energy efficient wireless communication technologies for Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks (e.g., LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M, BLE, 802.15 family of standards).

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