Leena Kuure's Homepage

Research interests

I am interested in the multimodal practices of (language/literacy) learning in our everyday, technology-rich world. Recently my research has focused on language learning in informal, networked settings, on children's and young people's genuine participation as well as on language students' and teachers' challenges in anticipating future prospects of technology-development, and the affordances they will provide for language education. In the past I have also studied learner language, bilingualism and aspects of text accessibility. My methodological framework draws on mediated discourse and nexus analysis and I use multiple types of data. My research is often conducted in multidisciplinary collaboration (Languages, Sociology, Information Processing Science). I am one of the principal investigators in the research community COACT and the multidisciplinary research group EveLINE

Research projects

You can find more information on my research in my research profile and the websites PARTiLANG and nexusunioulu.

Past projects