NMR laboratory

The NMR Unit is a major user group of the NMR laboratory, which is part of the Centre for Material Analysis (CMA). The instrumentation includes five Bruker spectrometers on varied field strengths:

and two table top Magritek instruments:

The instruments are suited for an unusually wide variety of objects (wide range of nuclei, gas/liquid/solid measurements, different sample sizes) and the AV-III-300 instrument is equipped with solid state, diffusion and microimaging options. In 2019, the 600 MHz spectrometer was equipped by diffusion and microimaging facilities, and a para-hydrogen generator was purchased by the ERC Consolidator grant. The laboratory also hosts self-developed (by the NMR Unit) remote detection probe, three kinds of hyperpolarization apparatus (SEOP, PHIP, SABRE) and the nuclear magneto-optic spectrometer.


Computational work is carried out in computing environment of CSC - IT Center for Science. CSC is a national services center consisting mainly of high-performance supercomputer Mahti (Atos BullSequana XH2000, ca. 180 000 CPU cores, 5.4 PFlop/s) and supercluster Puhti (Atos BullSequana X400, 27 000 CPU cores, 1.8 PFlop/s, as well as 320 GPUs, 2.7 PFlop/s) capable of serial, parallel and GPGPU runs up to thousands of cores, as well as a wide variety of additional features such as data storage, software and databases.

We are the main user of the local older Carpo computer cluster (360 CPU cores) as well as the new Carpo2 cluster (800 CPU cores and 4 GPGPUs, commissioned 2019-20) of the University of Oulu. The clusters are part of the nation-wide Finnish Grid and Cloud Infrastructure (FGCI) project, which contributes to distributed high-throughput computing with thousands of cores and hundreds of TFlop/s capacity. The NMR Unit is coordinating the FGCI as well as the new Finnish Computing Competence Infrastructure (FCCI) projects at University of Oulu. Both the FGCI and FCCI resources are available for the researchers in broad range of science in the Faculties of Science, Medicine, Technology, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering as well as Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine of University of Oulu.