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Publications 2004

Refereed articles in international scientific journals

  1. M. Cifelli, J. Saunavaara, J. Jokisaari and C. A. Veracini:
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  2. M. Hanni, P. Lantto, N. Runeberg, J. Jokisaari and J. Vaara:
    Calculation of binary magnetic properties and potential energy curve in xenon dimer: Second virial coefficient of 129Xe nuclear shielding,
    Journal of Chemical Physics 121, 5908-5919 (2004). [DOI]

  3. T. Koskela, J. Jokisaari and C. Satyanarayana:
    Correlation of 129Xe NMR shielding data with the pore structures of various aluminophosphate molecular sieves,
    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 67, 113-122 (2004). [DOI]

  4. T. Koskela:
    Investigations of aluminophosphate molecular sieves applying noble gas and methane NMR spectroscopy,
    Thesis in Report series in physical sciences, 31 (2004).

  5. P. Manninen and J. Vaara:
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  6. P. Manninen, J. Vaara, and P. Pyykkö:
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  7. P. Manninen, J. Vaara, and K. Ruud:
    Perturbational relativistic theory of electron spin resonance g-tensor,
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  8. P. Manninen:
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  9. M. J. Mäkiranta, J. Ruohonen, K. Suominen, E. Sonkajärvi, T. Salomäki, V. Kiviniemi, T. Seppänen, S. Alahuhta, V. Jäntti, and O. Tervonen:
    BOLD-contrast functional MRI signal changes related to intermittent rhythmic delta activity in EEG during voluntary hyperventilation-simultaneous EEG and fMRI study,
    NeuroImage 22, 222-231 (2004). [DOI]

  10. T. S. Pennanen, J. Vaara, P. Lantto, A. J. Sillanpää, K. Laasonen, and J. Jokisaari:
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    Chapter in the book: Calculation of NMR and EPR parameters: Theory and Applications,
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