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Publications 2005

Refereed articles in international scientific journals

  1. A. Ala-Rämi, M. Ylihautala, P. Ingman, and I. E. Hassinen:
    Influence of calcium-induced workload transitions and fatty acid supply on myocardial substrate selection,
    Metabolism 54, 410-420 (2005). [DOI]

  2. K. Bartik, P. Choquet, A. Constantinesco, G. Duhamel, J. Fraissard, J.-N. Hyacinthe, J. Jokisaari, E. Locci, T. J. Lowery, M. Luhmer, T. Meersmann, I. L. Moudrakovski, G. E. Pavlovskaya, K. L. Pierce, A. Pines, J. A. Ripmeester, V.-V. Telkki, W. S. Veeman:
    Xenon NMR as a probe for microporous and mesoporous solids, polymers, liquid crystals, solutions, flames, proteins, imaging,
    L'actualite chimique 287, 16-34 (2005). [DOI]

  3. G. De Luca, M. Longeri, G. Pileio, and P. Lantto:
    NMR spectroscopy investigation of the cooperative nature of the internal rotational motions in acetophenone,
    ChemPhysChem 6, 2086 - 2098 (2005). [DOI]

  4. P. Manninen, K. Ruud, P. Lantto, and J. Vaara:
    Leading-order relativistic effects on nuclear magnetic resonance shielding tensors,
    Journal of Chemical Physics 122, 114107:1-8 (2005). [DOI]
    Erratum Ibid. 124, 149901:1-2 (2006). [DOI]

  5. V.-V. Telkki, J. Lounila, and J. Jokisaari:
    Behavior of acetonitrile confined to mesoporous silica gels as studied by 129Xe NMR: A novel method for determining the pore sizes,
    Journal of Physical Chemistry B 109, 757-763 (2005). [DOI]

  6. V.-V. Telkki, J. Lounila, and J. Jokisaari:
    Determination of Pore Sizes and Volumes of Porous Materials by 129Xe NMR of Xenon Gas Dissolved in a Medium,
    Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 109, 24343-24351 (2005). [DOI]