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Publications 1994

Refereed articles in international scientific journals

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    1H NMR-based absolute quantitation of human lipoproteins and their lipid contents directly from plasma,
    Journal of Lipid Research 35, 2292-2304 (1994). [>>]

  2. P. Ingman, J. Jokisaari, K. Oikarinen, and R. Seydoux:
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  3. J. Jokisaari, P. Ingman, G. J. Schrobilgen, and J. C. Sanders:
    Secondary isotope effect on the 19F shielding in xenon and krypton difluorides in solution,
    Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 32, 242-247 (1994).

  4. J. Jokisaari:
    NMR of noble gases dissolved in isotropic and anisotropic liquids,
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  5. J. Lounila, M. Ala-Korpela, J. Jokisaari, M. J. Savolainen, and Y. A. Kesäniemi:
    Effects of orientational order and particle size on the NMR line positions of lipoproteins,
    Physical Review Letters 72, 4049-4052 (1994). [DOI]

  6. J. Vaara, J. Jokisaari, T. T. Rantala, and J. Lounila:
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  7. A. van den Boogaart, M. Ala-Korpela, F. A. Howe, L. M. Rodrigues, M. Stubbs, and J. R. Griffiths:
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  8. A. van den Boogaart, D. van Ormondt, W. W. F. Pijnappel, R. de Beer, and M. Ala-Korpela:
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    Mathematics in Signal Processing III, ed. J.G. McWhirter, 175-195, Clarendon Press, Oxford 1994.

  9. A. van den Boogaart, M. Ala-Korpela, J. Jokisaari, and J. R. Griffiths:
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