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Publications 2003

Refereed articles in international scientific journals

  1. J. Jokisaari,
    NMR of Noble Gases Dissolved in Liquid Crystals.
    Chapter for the book: NMR of Orientationally Ordered Liquids, Eds. E.E. Burnell and C.A. de Lange (Kluwer), 109-135 (2003).
  2. J. Jokisaari and J. Autschbach,
    13C-77Se and 77Se-77Se spin-spin coupling tensors in carbon diselenide: NMR experiments and ZORA DFT calculations,
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 5, 4551-4555 (2003). [DOI]

  3. A. M. Kantola, G. R. Luckhurst, A. Sugimura, and B. A. Timimi:
    Deuterium NMR spectroscopy and field-induced director dynamics in liquid crystals,
    Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 402 (2003). [>>]

  4. M. Louhivuori, K. Pääkkönen, K. Fredriksson, P. Permi, J. Lounila, and A. Annila:
    On the origin of residual dipolar couplings from denaturated proteins,
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 125, 15647-15650 (2003). [DOI]

  5. P. Manninen, P. Lantto, J. Vaara, and K. Ruud:
    Perturbational ab initio calculations of relativistic corrections to nuclear magnetic resonance shielding tensors,
    Journal of Chemical Physics 119, 2623-2637 (2003). [DOI]

  6. Z. Rinkevicius, J. Vaara, L. Telyatnyk, and O. Vahtras:
    Calculations of nuclear magnetic shielding in paramagnetic molecules,
    Journal of Chemical Physics 118, 2550-2561 (2003). [DOI]

  7. J. Vaara, P. Manninen, and J. Lounila:
    Magnetic field dependence of nuclear magnetic shielding in closed-shell atomic systems,
    Chemical Physics Letters 372, 750-757 (2003). [DOI]

  8. J. Vaara and P. Pyykkö:
    Relativistic, nearly basis-set-limit nuclear magnetic shielding constants of the rare gases He-Rn: A way to absolute NMR shielding scales,
    Journal of Chemical Physics 118, 2973-2976 (2003). [DOI]