Publications by year

Publications 2013

Refereed articles in international scientific journals

  1. N. Abuzaid, A. M. Kantola, and J. Vaara:
    Magnetic field-induced nuclear quadrupole coupling in atomic 131Xe,
    Molecular Physics 111, 1390-1400 (2013). [DOI]

  2. L.-j. Fu and J. Vaara:
    Nuclear spin-induced Cotton-Mouton effect in molecules,
    Journal of Chemical Physics 138, 204110 (2013). [DOI]

  3. L.-j. Fu, A. Rizzo and J. Vaara:
    Nuclear quadrupole moment-induced Cotton-Mouton effect in noble gas atoms,
    Journal of Chemical Physics 139, 181102:1-4 (2013). [DOI]

  4. J. Jokisaari and J. Vaara:
    Nuclear spin-spin coupling anisotropy in van der Waals-bonded 129Xe dimer,
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15, 11427-11430 (2013). [DOI]

  5. J. Karjalainen, J. Lintuvuori, V.-V. Telkki, P. Lantto, and J. Vaara:
    Constant-pressure simulations of Gay-Berne liquid-crystalline phases in cylindrical nanocavities,
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 15, 14047-14057 (2013). [DOI]

  6. P. Lantto, S. Kangasvieri, and J. Vaara:
    Electron correlation and relativistic effects in the secondary NMR isotope shifts of CSe2,
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 15, 17468-17478 (2013).[DOI]

  7. J. Precechtelova, M. L. Munzarova, J. Vaara, J. Novotny, M. Dracinsky, and V. Sklenar:
    Towards Reproducing Sequence Trends in Phosphorus Chemical Shifts for Nucleic Acids by MD/DFT Calculations,
    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 9, 1641-1656 (2013). [DOI]

  8. J. Shi, S. Ikäläinen, J. Vaara, and M. V. Romalis:
    Observation of optical chemical shift by precision nuclear spin optical rotation measurements and calculations,
    Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 4, 437-441 (2013). [DOI]

  9. V.-V. Telkki, M. Yliniemi and J. Jokisaari:
    Moisture in Softwoods: Fiber Saturation Point, Hydroxyl Site Content and the Amount of Micropores Determined from NMR Relaxation Time Distributions,
    Holzforschung 67, 291-300 (2013). [DOI]

  10. J. Vaara, M. Hanni and J. Jokisaari:
    Nuclear spin-spin coupling in a van der Waals-bonded system: Xenon dimer,
    Journal of Chemical Physics 138, 104313 (2013). [DOI]

  11. J. Vähäkangas, S. Ikäläinen, P. Lantto, and J. Vaara:
    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Predictions for Graphenes: Concentric Finite Models and Extrapolation to Large Systems,
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15, 4634-4641 (2013). [DOI]

  12. V. V. Zhivonitko, V.-V. Telkki, J. Leppäniemi, G. Scotti, S. Franssila and I. V. Koptyug:
    Remote detection NMR imaging of gas phase hydrogenation in microfluidic chips,
    Lab on a Chip 13, 1554-1561 (2013). [DOI]

Refereed articles in international scientific compilation works

  1. J. Jokisaari:
    Xenon in Liquid-Crystalline Samples,
    eMagRes 2, 279-288 (2013). [DOI]

  2. J. Jokisaari:
    Xenon NMR spectroscopy,
    Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences
    and Engineering, (Elsevier Ltd., 2013). [DOI]

  3. J. Vaara:
    Chemical Shift in Paramagnetic Systems,
    in High Resolution NMR Spectroscopy Vol. 3, pp. 41-67
    ed R. H. Contreras, Elsevier: Amsterdam (2013). [DOI]