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Publications 1997

Refereed articles in international scientific journals

  1. M. Ala-Korpela, A. Korhonen, J. Liinamaa, M. J. Savolainen, J. Jokisaari, and Y. A. Kesäniemi:
    1H NMR and prior knowledge based lineshape fitting analysis: a powerful combination for quantitative biochemistry of plasma and lipoproteins,
    Journal of Magnetic Resonance Analysis 3, 15-20 (1997).

  2. M. Hyvönen, M. Ala-Korpela, J. Vaara, T. T. Rantala, and J. Jokisaari:
    Inequivalence of single CHa and CHb methylene bonds in the interior of a diunsaturated lipid bilayer from a molecular dynamics simulation,
    Chemical Physics Letters 268, 55-60 (1997). [DOI]

  3. M. Hyvönen, T. T. Rantala, and M. Ala-Korpela:
    Structure and dynamic properties of diunsaturated 1-palmitoyl-2-linoleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphatidylcholine lipid bilayer from molecular dynamics simulation,
    Biophysical Journal 73, 2907-2923 (1997). [>>]

  4. J.-H. Kantola, J. Vaara, T. T. Rantala, and J. Jokisaari:
    129Xe adsorbed in AlPO4-11 molecular sieve: Molecular dynamics simulation of adsorbate dynamics and NMR chemical shift,
    Journal of Chemical Physics 107, 6470-6478 (1997). [DOI]

  5. A. Korhonen, M. Ala-Korpela, M. Liinamaa, J. Jokisaari, Y. A. Kesäniemi, and M. J. Savolainen:
    Assessment of cholesteryl ester transfer protein function in lipoprotein mixtures by 1H NMR spectroscopy,
    NMR in Biomedicine 10, 303-308 (1997). [DOI]

  6. P. Lesot, D. Meriet, J. Courtieu, J. Emsley, T. T. Rantala, and J. Jokisaari:
    Calculation of the molecular ordering parameters of (+/-)-3-butyn-2-ol dissolved in an organic solution of poly(g-benzyl-L-glutamate),
    Journal of Physical Chemistry A 101, 5719-5724 (1997). [DOI]

  7. J. Lounila, J. Vaara, Y. Hiltunen, A. Pulkkinen, J. Jokisaari, M. Ala-Korpela, and K. Ruud:
    Isotope and temperature effects on the 13C and 77Se nuclear shielding in carbon diselenide,
    Journal of Chemical Physics 107, 1350-1361 (1997). [DOI]

  8. J. Vaara and Y. Hiltunen:
    Deuterium quadrupole coupling tensors in methyl halides: Ab initio effective core potential and liquid crystal nuclear magnetic resonance study,
    Journal of Chemical Physics 107, 1744-1752 (1997). [DOI]

  9. J. Vaara, J. Kaski, J. Jokisaari, and P. Diehl:
    NMR properties of formamide: A first principles and experimental study,
    Journal of Physical Chemistry A 101, 5069-5081 (1997). [DOI] Erratum Ibid. 101, 9185 (1997). [DOI]

  10. J. Vaara:
    Computational studies on the NMR parameters of molecular probes in liquids and solids,
    Thesis in Report series in physical sciences 7, (1997). ISBN 951-42-4681-0

  11. M. Ylihautala, J. Vaara, P. Ingman, J. Jokisaari, and P. Diehl:
    14N and 2H NMR study of the mesophases of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide in formamide,
    Journal of Physical Chemistry B 101, 32-38 (1997).