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Publications 1995

Refereed articles in international scientific journals

  1. M. Ala-Korpela, J. Oja, J. Lounila, J. Jokisaari, M. J. Savolainen, and Y. A. Kesäniemi:
    Structural changes of lipoprotein lipids by 1H NMR,
    Chemical Physics Letters 242, 95-100 (1995). [DOI]

  2. M. Ala-Korpela, J.-P. Usenius, J. Keisala, A. van den Boogaart, P. Vainio, J. Jokisaari, S. Soimakallio, and R. Kauppinen:
    Quantification of metabolites from single-voxel in vivo 1H NMR data of normal human brain by means of time-domain data analysis,
    Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine (MAGMA) 3, 129-136 (1995). [DOI]

  3. M. Ala-Korpela:
    1H NMR spectroscopy of human blood plasma,
    Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 27, 475-554 (1995). [DOI]

  4. Y. Hiltunen, E. Heiniemi, and M. Ala-Korpela:
    Lipoprotein-lipid quantification by neural-network analysis of 1H NMR data from human blood plasma,
    Journal of Magnetic Resonance B 106, 191-194 (1995).[DOI]

  5. M. Hyvönen, M. Ala-Korpela, J. Vaara, T. T. Rantala, and J. Jokisaari:
    Effects of two double bonds on the hydrocarbon interior of a phospholipid bilayer,
    Chemical Physics Letters 246, 300-306 (1995). [DOI]

  6. K. Oikarinen and J. Jokisaari:
    NMR spin-lattice relaxation of the 129Xe nucleus of xenon gas dissolved in various isotropic liquids,
    Applied Magnetic Resonance 8, 587-595 (1995).

  7. K. Vuorinen, A. Ala-Rämi, Y. Ying, P. Ingman, and I. Hassinen:
    Respiratory control in heart muscle during fatty acid oxidation. Energy state or substrate-level regulation by Ca2+?,
    Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology 27, 1581-1591 (1995). [DOI]