Publications by year

Publications 2012

Refereed articles in international scientific journals

  1. S. Ahola, V.-V. Telkki and S. Stapf:
    Velocity distributions in a micromixer measured by NMR imaging,
    Lab on a Chip, 12,1823-1830 (2012). [DOI]

  2. S. Ikäläinen, P. Lantto, and J. Vaara:
    Fully relativistic calculations of Faraday and nuclear spin-induced optical rotation in xenon,
    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 8, 91-98 (2012). [DOI]

  3. M. Ilczyszyn, M. Selent, and M. M. Ilczyszyn:
    Participation of Xenon Guest in Hydrogen Bond Network of β-Hydroquinone Crystal,
    Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 116, 3206-3214 (2012). [DOI]

  4. P. Lantto, S. Standara, S. Riedel, J. Vaara, and M. Straka:
    Exploring New 129Xe Chemical Shift Ranges in HXeY Compounds: Hydrogen More Relativistic than Xenon,
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 14, 10944-10952 (2012). [DOI]

  5. P. Lantto, S. Kangasvieri, J. Vaara:
    Rovibrational effects on NMR shieldings in a heavy-element system: XeF2,
    Journal of Chemical Physics, 137, 214309:1-10 (2012). [DOI]

  6. T. S. Pennanen, S. Ikäläinen, P. Lantto, and J. Vaara:
    Nuclear spin optical rotation and Faraday effect in gaseous and liquid water, Journal of Chemical Physics, 136, 184502:1-6 (2012). [DOI]

  7. V. V. Zhivonitko, V.-V. Telkki and I. V. Koptyug:
    Characterization of Microfluidic Gas Reactors Using Remote-Detection MRI and Parahydrogen-Induced Polarization,
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51, 8054-8058 (2012). [DOI]

Refereed articles in international scientific compilation works

  1. V.-V. Telkki:
    Wood Characterization by NMR & MRI of Fluids,
    in Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance, eds R. K. Harris and R. E. Wasylishen, John Wiley: Chichester (2012). [DOI]