Anu M. Kantola

Docent, Ph.D.

University Researcher (Associate Professor)

tel: +358 294 48 1303
office: KE 317

I’m involved in varied projects in the field of experimental materials NMR, ranging from studies of physical properties of liquid crystals and magnetic-field induced effects on NMR properties into characterisation of different materials by magnetic resonance imaging, as well as solution, solid-state, relaxation, diffusion and xenon NMR methods.

Through the projects I have been engaged in NMR method and instrumentation development and at the moment my main interest is on constructing a nuclear magneto-optic instrument to detect interactions arising from the delicate interplay of polarized light with nuclear spin magnetization.

Projects I’m involved in: NMOS, Materials NMR, Xenon NMR, Hyperpolarization, Modified wood, Laplace NMR, Machine learning, Paramagnetic NMR.