Vladimir Zhivonitko

Docent, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

office: KE 301
email: firstname.lastname@oulu.fi

My research experience majorly focuses on development of nuclear spin hyperpolarization methods based on parahydrogen-induced polarization (PHIP), especially using heterogeneous catalysts. A chemical interaction of parahydrogen, the one of the two nuclear spin isomers of molecular hydrogen, mediated by catalytically active materials is required to produce PHIP. As PHIP works on the interface between chemistry (homogeneous, heterogeneous and metal-free catalysis), physics and NMR, I am interested in any aspects of dihydrogen activation, catalytic hydrogenation, reversible exchange of H2 (SABRE) and applications of PHIP in NMR spectroscopy, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), remote detection NMR and ultrafast Laplace NMR. Mechanisms of metal-free chemical reactions involving H2 are of special interest for me.