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NMR Research Group


Seminars 2015

The weekly seminar of the NMR group, held at Fridays in the spectroscopy coffee room, Tä 219, at 14.00, is open for everyone interested. Coffee, bakings and the latest research of the group! Welcome!


30.1. Juhani Lounila
On nuclear spin hyperpolarization, part 2

6.2. Ville Telkki
Enhanced chemical resolution and sensitivity by ultrafast multidimensional Laplace NMR

Thursday 12.2. Ville Rontu
MoMa guest seminar: Fabrication of catalytic microreactors

13.2. Syed Awais Rouf
Proton Chemical Shifts in Paramagnetic Co(II) Pyrazolylborate Complexes

20.2. Susanna Ahola
D - T2 sequence, cell cultures and DNP

27.2. Wei Cao
MoMa seminar: Applied Research in the ELSP group

27.3. Anne Selent
Adsorption measurements

10.4. Jyrki Lappalainen
MoMa seminar: Pulsed Laser Deposition of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles, Agglomerates, and Nanotrees for Chemical Sensors

Monday 20.4. at 9:00 Mikko Alava
MoMa guest seminar: Complexity in Materials Deformation

24.4. Anu Kantola
Experimental nuclear magneto-optic spectroscopy

8.5. at 10:00 Tapio Rantala
MoMa guest seminar: Beyond limits of conventional first-principles appraches: path integral quantum Monte Carlo

8.5. at 14:00 Perttu Lantto
MoMa seminar: Magnetic resonance modeling in extended systems

Tuesday, 19.5. at 9:00 Oleg Antzutkin
MoMa guest seminar: Ionic Liquids at Lubricated Interfaces

22.5. Juho Roukala
Computation vs. experiment: Pt NMR in O,O'-dialkyl dithiophosphates

29.5. Juha Vaara
NMR chemical shift theory in paramagnetic molecules

11.9. Ville-Veikko Telkki
Spin echoes with CHIRP pulses and their applications in ultrafast diffusion experiments

25.9. Vladimir V. Zhivonitko
Parahydrogen-induced polarization: basics and application in metal-free catalysis

2.10. Jyrki Rantaharju
Liquid-state paramagnetic relaxation from first principles

9.10. Asadullah Javed
Relaxation and diffusion studies of a halogen free ionic liquid

16.10. Minna Patanen
MoMa seminar: Gas-phase nanosystems studied with soft X-rays - the art of scratching the surface

30.10. Perttu Lantto
Can unknown clathrate structures be discovered by an NMR signal?

6.11. Sanna Komulainen
Equilibrium and stability of Fe4L6 cage

13.11. Vasantha Gowda
NMR and DFT investigations of new dicarboxylic amino acid-based surfactants: structural and floatation perspective

20.11. Juhani Lounila
Bulk susceptibility shift in NMR

27.11. Anu Kantola
Can xenon see the paranematic phase of liquid crystal confined to nanocavities?

30.11. Julia Hollenbach
Probing Structure and Dynamics of Silica based materials by Continuous Flow HP-129Xe NMR

04.12. Anne Selent
Characterization of lab-on-a-chip gas reactors using remote-detection NMR

11.12. Susanna Ahola
Spin echoes with CHIRP pulses. Part II: Experiments



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