NMR group seminars

Group seminars take place at 14:30 in room KE352, unless stated otherwise. For more information, contact our seminar organizer.
17 November 2017Asadullah JavedStudy of nanoporous structures of natural shales and hydrated cements by Xenon porometry and NMR cryoporometry
23 November 2017Prof. István Furó (KTH)Nanotube dispersions as seen by NMR spectroscopy
1 December 2017Vladimir ZhivonitkoMetal-free chemical activation of parahydrogen: current progress and perspective in nuclear spin hyperpolarization
8 December 2017Multiple speakers[a]Multiple presentations
15 December 2017Jyrki RantaharjuMicroscopic modeling of polarization transfer in spin-exchange optical pumping experiment
12 January 2018Pär HåkanssonRecent (2018) results on QC-Property surface and NMR relaxation
19 January 2018Nønne Prisle
(ATMOS research group)
New understanding of atmospheric aerosols and climate from a synchrotron super-microscope
26 January 2018Jussi KantolaProgramming a Quantum Computer
2 February 2018Petr ŠtěpánekNuclear Magneto-Optic Spectroscopy - Act II: Experiment
9 February 2018Mari Katvala
(University of Oulu library)
Open access publishing and self-archiving?
16 February 2018Perttu TuovinenMonte Carlo study of trans- and cis- azobenzene bulk phases with coarse- grained two-site Gay-Berne model
16 March 2018Henrikki Liimatainen
(Fibre and Particle Engineering)
30 March 2018No seminar
Public Holiday
6 April 2018Vladimir Zhivonitko
13 April 2018Michal Straka
(IOCB Prague)
20 April 2018Minna Männistö & Sari Stark
Below-ground colors of Arctic greening: Explaining warming-induced changes in soil carbon stocks with shifts in soil microbial life strategies
27 April 2018Anne Selent
04 May 2018Roya Khalili

[a]Special joint seminar with group of prof. Miika Nieminen