NMR group seminars

Group seminars take place on Fridays at 14:30, unless stated otherwise. For more information, contact our seminar organizer.

Upcoming seminars

15 February 2019 Zafer Köylü
1 March 2019 Roya Khalili Rare Earth Elements Phosphates
15 March 2019 Mariusz Gackowski Spectroscopic studies of desilicated zeolites
22 March 2019 Megha Mohan Paramagnetic NMR and first Principle calculations on REE Complexes
29 March 2019 Sharif Ullah Studying biological nanoparticles by 1H DOSY and hyperpolarized 129Xe NMR
19 April 2019 No Seminar Easter (Good Friday)
26 April 2019 Marianne WenzelSystematic investigation of surface-functionalized mesoporous silica materials with potential applications in energy storage
3 May 2019 Sarah Mailhiot Xe NMR Study of Liquids with Permanent Porosity
10 May 2019 Vesa Kiviniemi Ultrafast human neuroimaging of glymphatic brain pulsations
17 May 2019 Otto Mankinen Ultrafast Diffusion Exchange Measurement
24 May 2019 Sampo Ylisiurua An Investigation of Protein Concentration of Different Seeds by NMR
7 June 2019 No Seminar Finnish NMR Symposium
14 June 2019 Melanie Britton TBA
21 June 2019 No Seminar Juhannusaatto (Midsummer)